Cloacked UFO during a storm over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

flying saucer

Here’s one interesting footage of a UFO during a lightning storm. This video was taken on Rio de Janeiro back in February 2015.

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  1. Just a heads up..If this craft was ‘cloaked’,we wouldn’t be able to ‘see’ it….cloaking is used to make an object ‘invisible’… ;^)

    • Well, you’re half right. To the naked eye, these objects are cloaked (invisible). But when a camera takes the picture or video, sometimes the object appears only for a brief second. The reason is there are no filters in cameras now. This helps to show what is exactly out there and many cameras (cell phone and DSLR cameras) are able to capture things that appear to be “cloaked”. I know, because I have a few pictures that have objects trailing severe storms.
      Don’t believe me?? Well try it out for yourself. That will be your best proof. Hint: Severe storms w/wall clouds work the best to view these cloaked objects.

  2. I have taken pictures of at least 4 severe storms over the past 2 years and I have a few UFOs that look similar to this. To the naked eye, everything appears to be a normal storm, but the camera usually pics up something trailing these storms. I have plenty of proof in my unedited photos, so I know this isn’t just made up. If (in this case) it is a fake, then it is very sad that someone feels he has to do this to get attention, when all he has to do get a camera and start filming. It isn’t hard to spot these kinds of things.

  3. interesting capture…..and for comment above, cloaking is for normal cicumstances/conditions. When abnormal condition occurs for a split second, cloaking may not work.

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