Unknown lights filmed over Vallejo, California 6-Sep-2015


New footage of a bright unidentified flying objects flying across the night sky above Vallejo, California. This was taken on 6th September 2015.

Witness report: My son captured a few minutes of video on his cell phone of a string of flashing red lights that seemed to rise up from the direction of the Richmond/Martinez refinery docks along San Pablo Bay, then to pass over the Carquinez Bridge and then to proceed east along the Carquinez Strait. This video doesn’t capture what we saw with our naked eyes, which is that these lights were bright red, glowing bright like road flares so they created an orb effect, though they appeared to be flashing “electronically”. Most notably, they appeared to be vertical “sticks” that moved through the air steadily, as opposed to the way balloons act when they are blown along by variable breezes. In fact, last night was far more still than most nights around here, when we typically get strong easterly winds. Somehow the stick shapes remained perfectly vertical as they moved along, staying low over the strait at first before gaining elevation and going out of sight over Benicia. There was no apparent reason for why they remained in the air; no balloons holding them aloft that one could see, or no airplane dragging them along behind. (It would have been too long of a trailing tail for such a thing to be done anyway.) The event lasted for a few minutes as more and more of them just kept coming up over the bridge. My wife saw them and thought we were being invaded. There was no sound as 20, possibly more, of these glowing orbs appeared, moving along the strait, rising in the sky and disappearing (blinking out?) more or less over Benicia. The sight brought neighbors out of their houses to watch them. When I first saw the lights coming our way I thought that they may have been helicopters, until I saw their shapes. They seemed to move as if under control, looking a lot like those red orbs in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, but they were clearly vertical stick shapes with pulsating lights top and bottom. My second thought was that they may have been some form of those flying lanterns the Asian community loves so, but these were clearly not flames we were seeing, but more like electronic flashing lights. A helicopter appeared in the area shortly after the event passed, and it circled for a time as if surveilling the area in which we had just seen these weird glowing lights. It was too dark by then to see what type of helicopter it was, but it looked big and it was loud, like the kind we have coming out of nearby Travis Air Force base. You must look pretty hard to see the cluster of lights in the sky in this video, which is a snippet of a video that lasted for a couple minutes. You might be able to pick out the stick shape of some of the closer lights. It is the second instance of unidentified flying objects that we have seen in this area in the past six weeks. The earlier one was in bright daylight and looked like a very large but shallow rectangular shape that moved over Vallejo then took a sharp left, turned sideways so that it became tall and narrow, and quickly moved in the direction of the coast. We have seen neither event noted in the local news and have no idea what it was that we saw – true unidentified flying objects. A few years back we saw four red lights moving over the Valero refinery north of Benicia, before the configuration changed shapes to a triangular form and slowly moved away from us. Just sharing because it is all so weird and I can’t imagine what any of it has been.

Source: MUFON

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  1. The witness states quite clearly that they remind him of Chinese Lanterns. They sure look like Chinese Lanterns.
    This being the “International Year of Light” with many light festivals around the world, the lantern explanation seems logical.

  2. That same night in Petaluma, CA. Sept 6 2015 . My son and I both seen exactly what the People saw in Vallejo… But we looked at it closer and it look like a spaceship that I never seen before. It was a half dounut shape in the front part and had like tail in back . and flare lights on on sides and there was some like lights that blinked …I noticed first the bright like in the sky and came close to us…I wonder where it came from and who was driving it?

  3. That same night in Petaluma, CA. Sept 6 2015 . My son and I both seen exactly what the People saw in Vallejo… But we looked at it closer and it look like a spaceship that I never seen before. It was a half donut shape in the front part and had tail in back . and flare lights on sides and there was some lights that blinked …I noticed first the bright light in the sky and came close to us…I wonder where it came from and who was driving it?

  4. We all know aliens are real and they are coming in and out of planet earth, there are different races (kinds) it’s time for our government and secret government to come clean on this matter

  5. I too have been watching the UFO’s in the Vallejo/Napa skies! They are triangular shaped lights that move from side to side or just sit in one place for awhile. I got some video footage of one about one week ago. I filmed for over 5 min. A few times whatever it was turned directly towards me and a flash of light hit me directly in the eyes. Then it turned away and all I could see was lights flashing on and off.in a cone shape. But a few min later it flashed me right in the eyes again. On Oct 16, 2015 I was in the east bay and saw a strange craft; larger then I had seen I the north bay. It was at about 10 pm it was triangular shaped and had a few blinking colored lights. It was moving slowly going south and it was much too large to be a helicopter or anything recognizable. And it was flying much too low. I didn’t hear anything either and about 30 min later it was just hovering over hwy 80 as I drove home. Scary

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