Strange orb flying over Montreal, Canada 14-Sep-2015


Here’s one night time footage of a bright object making maneuvers over Montreal in Canada. This was filmed on 14th September 2015.

Note: Watch in full screen!

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  1. i know exactly where this is. i really think it’s a drone from someone playing with it on the roof. (1000 rue de la gauchetiere.) it’s a regular office building.

  2. Movement indicates it is a remote controlled aerial vehicle. To the OP, why did you not show what happened to the light? I suspect it landed on top of the building to its awaiting owner.

  3. on 27 th september 2015, i saw a metallic sphere in broad daylight following a low flying plane. I asked airport authoroties about the object following the plane and they had no info on it. I CANT BELIEVE IT ! As the plane crew must have a radar that tells them SOMETHING is following us in the sky. No reports ,,,i wounder. I’M so sorry i didnt take a picture, for i stood for 30 seconds at what seemed impossible; a round object alomst as big as tha plane flying. No reports,,clear skyes,,,wow,,,What is being hidden from the public.
    I just look up in the sky, and i see a UFO,,and then life goes on,nobody knows,,nobody cares,,,but we are sending probes and sattelites in space,,,but we dont investigate these earth anomalies

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