Strange UFO Spotted By Indian Villagers


Unidentified flying objects are the mystery of the sky. It is still a mystery if they exist or not. There are many reports on strange objects by competent observers which cannot be identified by the witness and remain unidentified after an investigation by competent investigators. These appearances and the flight behavior indicate that they were manufactured somewhere other than the Earth. Multiple witnesses confirmed many of these reports and corroborated by trace evidence such as photographs, radar, video and landing marks.

After claiming to have spotted a strange humanoid creature, Indian villagers were left stumped and feared. It was the agricultural workers in Kanagal village around 2 pm who saw the unknown figure. According to them, there was a red extraterrestrial craft that emerged from the clouds and came towards them. After landing, it allegedly took off in just one minute. During the occurrence, there were sparks and flashes around. According to Nigel Watson, the prominent UFO investigator, seeing a person flying in the sky was not a rare sighting as it occurred long before flying aliens and saucers. It is an expected fact that what these people saw is hard to imagine, but it made an impact on their existence. Indeed, it is something strange and usual. Since the sighting, people who are very much interested in aliens were among a trip to Kanagal to speak with these women, who happen to be a witness to said incident. They said the object came towards them from a red spacecraft that emerged from the clouds.

T A Manjunatha said that the women are claiming to have seen the spacecraft descended to 500 feet from them that they could spot humanoid creatures. When speaking about aliens, they did not hear about those things. This is why experts were assuming that these women were not lying. The alien enthusiast has the plan to bring the matter to the government for attention. While they seem to be under intelligent control, their source is a question of speculation. This indicates that there may be a technology involved that can manipulate time as we know it.

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  1. In early 70s a sighting of two ufo battling out in the skies of Saskatchewan . One was hit a blew up. The Ufo still is there perhaps the bodies two. the other waited for 5 seconds then flew out to the east. A real alien war going on.

  2. Most ufo seem intent on NOT being seen..i think they manipulate or make clouds for cover. I really think ufo here are a constant presence ..much more than we think we know of. Theres not more sightings..ppl now have recoredable phones with them at all times..few years ago not many ppl walked around with cameras on them.

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