Daytime triangle-UFO over Signal Hill, California


This video was just submitted to MUFON. It shows a triangular shaped formation flying across the sky above Signal Hill in California. It was recorded on 1st December 2014.

Witness report: These Ufo’s were filmed through our 2 years of ufo field research events where we meditate on telepathically beaconing to anything to show up for us wto witness and document. as you can see we have seen many anomalous sightings that cant be explained by our conventional crafts or earthly objects. this is important because people will only believe what they see with there own 2 eyes. i have no strong thoughts that footage would ever convince anyone but with the events we have been holding for so long now i have no doubt in my mind that if people around the world started doing this and showing people sightings first hand the whole world would soon become believers

Author (source: MUFON)

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  1. Nice albeit short video. I would have loved to see more. I don’t see a triangle, though. Btw, I live 2 miles from Long Beach in Signal Hill, and have seen several UFOs – 2 this year.

  2. Call me crazy, but I see balloons and nothing more. They are most likely tethered in some way, you can see the one in the middle rocking back and forth.

  3. looks like the middle orb is being escorted OR not letting it escape. since the middle one is not glowing, maybe it’s out of energy and making sure it doesn’t crash.

  4. These are ‘real’ Balloons, this is not a Triangle UFO. This guy has been claiming he can summone UFOs. He has been pushing the same disinformation for months now. Unfortunately, it’s reducing the credibility of others with valid footage. Besides, you think a craft would be in Long Beach Airport Airspace?

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