UFO Sighting In Chile – Project Blue Beam Suspected To Be Involved


Some residents in Chile suspected that a UFO hovered above Iquique City in the Tarapaca Region of Northern Chile. Chileans snapped photos and took videos of the strange aerial object that spotted above the city at night. Some believed aliens monitored their area, and many expressed their frustrations to the government in social media.

However, local authorities revealed that they were making a new public clock in the city designed to beam the accurate time into the night sky. The circle of blue light that many people noticed was the design’s test run.

The construction of the project is nearly complete, and that engineers are now conducting several tests, but the official unveiling date of the clock is still to announce.

The explanation does not go well with many UFO enthusiasts who are saying that Chilean authorities are covering up the reality. They believe that an alien or something more ominous surveys the city because the circle of light doesn’t resemble a clock display.

Some are wondering why Chilean authorities chose a clock design that resembles a UFO, creating speculations that military authorities instructed city officials to fabricate explanations in order to prevent mass panic.

Speculation about a test run of Project Blue Beam also circulated online. The Project Blue Beam was born in a conspiracy theory that claims NASA, with the help of the United Nations, want to implement a New World Order system (NWO), which puts the Antichrist as the leader. It’ll be done by faking a Second Coming of Jesus, or an alien invasion with the help of advanced holographic projection technology.

The images through Project Blue Beam would be realistic enough to convince Christians around the world that the Second Coming has taken place and would fully accept the leadership pretending to be Jesus Christ, which in reality the Antichrist.

Similar sighting was filmed over Russia recently.

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  1. Project Blue Beam seems to pop up now and then, but all I can read about it gives poor info – where to find reliable information?
    Or, is it just bullshit?

  2. since the answer is there, a clock, then let the town authorities take a picture when the time actually goes up, to prove that’s what it is.

  3. Yes, just what humanity needs clocks in the sky, when there already everwhere we need them. What a totally bogus insulting reason and excuse for use of taxpayers funds.

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