Space Satellite Archeology Revealed The Mysteries Of Ancient Sites


Edgar Cayce is known as the psychic during the twentieth century. Recently, he has been featured on TV programs. His prophecies are exacting and are coming true. Amazingly, these were all done while he was asleep. This sleeping prophet has predicted that the proof of Atlantis and the innovated technology would be found beneath the Giza’s pyramids sooner or later. This will be discerned through a hidden way beneath the paw of the Sphinx. Concerned with the control of Ancient Egypt’s narrative, the investigations that were running to the narrative have been either blocked or derided by the Minister of Antiquities of Egypt named Zahi Hawass. The interview has focused so much with the two Egyptologists whose digs were sponsored by ARE (Association for Research and Enlightenment).  The first one had written the book of Cayce’s readings describing how the Atlantis survivors discovered the Egypt. However, the question is, were these professionals secretly searching for the traditional Hall of Records through the Cayce’s readings while disobeying their previous sponsor publicly to keep in line with the Egyptology?

To suggest that Amun Priesthood is a hero, the story of Queen Nefertiti and Pharaoh Akhenaten was framed by the Egyptologists.  It has been portrayed in a more engaging manner, and somehow it relates to the esoteric knowledge of Akhenaten towards the discovery of Egypt. But, why did the Priesthood try stripping both these two ancient and famous characters from the history? Was the Queen able to escape to remove the old understanding of Atlantean past? This story has always been the most shocking, bizarre, enlightening, strange, unnerving, and compelling. Despite the mysterious stories, there is always the truth. So far, Edgar Cayce has been right on everything. What is incredible is that he hypnotized himself and did all these readings while he was sleeping with loads of witnesses.

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