Top 5 UFO videos


Video compilation by Top5s Youtube channel. A UFO is an object that is spotted in the sky that cannot be identified. Over the years, millions of sightings have been reported and caught on video cameras. Now although most can be ruled out as fakes or Military Testing. Every know and then a video will appear that really does confuse everyone. Although those videos do not prove the existence of alien life, it definitely strengthens most peoples thought that alien do exist and have visited planet earth. Well, here are 5 thought to be Unidentified Flying Objects caught on video that are are sure to get you thinking.

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  1. I have had close incounts with ufo.s I was working as surcty gard in armadail w.a perth I sarw a oring light in sky I had spot light and shon it on the light and a nothe one came from the grond and I was talking to peple on uhf radio the orong lights flue parst the persion house in roley stone he sawr them as well

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