AMAZING! British Bus Driver In Exmouth Videotapes Triangular UFO


Three lights in triangular formation were reportedly spotted and recorded on video slowly crossing across the sky above Exmouth in East Devon, England. The British witness, who is a bus driver, noticed the strange lights at 9:41 p.m. on April 17, 2017, while on a break.

The unnamed witness was talking on the phone to his best man for the upcoming wedding while walking near the leisure center where their bus stopped. When he happened to look over in the river, the witness then saw the three lights forming a triangular formation while rotating on its axis and wobbling slightly.

He then felt that the triangular object was unusual. The witness told his mate that he would call back and started recording the lights using his phone. However, the witness was having a difficult time focusing on the formation due to the street lights. To get a better view, the witness decided to go closer to the river.

The witness managed to record almost a 3-minute video initially. He also took seven pictures and another 41-second video. He filed a report to MUFON along with the video of the incident and some pictures. MUFON filed the report as Case 832412 and can be accessed in their witness reporting database. The case is still under investigation led by British MUFON field investigator Karl Webb.

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  1. Good video.looks Real to me.I belive that most of the population. Now belive in life on other planets. Also,other dimensional vortexes,Parell universes.Some of my spelling is off. But i think you get my meaning.

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