Footage Shows A UFO Flashing Over The Skies Of A Remote Town In Britain


The UFO online community got abuzz after a video that shows mysterious three orange balls moving in the sky and repeatedly changing direction was uploaded online. What makes the scene more interesting is that a trail of sparkling white light follows the strange balls.

Jeremy Le Fevre noticed the bizarre happening in the sky near his home in Frome, Somerset on Saturday evening. He referred the three orange balls and the white light behind as one single UFO.
Jeremy saw the unusual object moving erratically with green lights. He then recorded its unusual manoeuvres on video.

According to Jeremy, it was the first time he saw such thing, which went on for several minutes before it flew off into the distance towards Longleat.

Jeremy saw the UFO emitting green and red colours.

Some UFO enthusiasts regarded the nearby town of Warminster as Britain’s UFO capital. The most notable account is the encounter in the mid-1960s that is now known as the Warminster Thing.

In the skies above the town, unexplained noises were heard, and a strange shimmering light was observed.

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  1. With vast quantities of fission enhanced atomic bombs available to them plus tens of thousands of thermonuclear warheads on their missiles might those fireworks over the heads of our family in England have been a few that our extraterrestrial elders put into a controlled burn-off?

    STRIKE THEM OUT Labor. Take the concession to issue our money away from them.

  2. this is a glider using night flares. hence the slow back and forth. you can almost distinguish the frame of the glider. just for show.

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