Doughnut-Shaped UFO Floats Over A Famous Lake In Southwest China

Taiwanese salesman John Chen claimed he had captured a UFO in a doughnut shape on camera in southwest China.

The businessman said he snapped some scenic shots of the favourite tourist spot Lake Dian on November 1 after attending a trade show held in Yunnan Province.


Together with his sister-in-law, he was shocked to see a strange ring-shaped aerial thing when they were reviewing at one picture at home in Taipei.

The object appears to have a hole in the middle and ridged sides, similar to the shape of a classic doughnut.

In hope to find what the object could be, Mr Chen decided to look for a UFO expert.

Mr Chen happened to consult the leading British UFO researcher Philip Mantle about the strange thing in the photo. However, Mr Mantle could not explain it and called the incident an open verdict.

Mr Chen said that he did not see the strange thing the time as it was his wife’s sister who noticed it. He tried to share the photos with his colleagues, but they did not capture the same thing in the sky.

Mr Mantle said that he could not see any evidence that the pictures were tampered in any way, but admitted that the object could also be some airborne debris.

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