Watch Astonishing Moment – UFO Films Scattering Clouds


An online video showing a mysterious object that is apparently manipulating clouds sent UFO enthusiasts into a frenzy. Conspiracy theory channel Suspect Sky uploaded the video to YouTube, which shows a strange white thing moving upwards in the sky.

The video was apparently shot sometime in October but only uploaded on November 17. The bright, white UFO then hover in the clouds.

After a few seconds sitting in the long thin cloud, the craft then seems to disperse the cloud.

Many viewers commented that they are convinced the footage is a genuine UFO sighting.

One commenter wrote that this is some incredible video because not only it shows a UFO but also features how the mysterious object affects change of the area around it.

Another commenter claimed to have also seen a UFO literally erasing a chem cloud.

However, not all are as convinced as the others with some expressing skepticism.

Others said that it is fake or fakery at its best.

A similar looking object was also spotted just recently above the Great Barrier Reef.

An Australian woman named Jenny Morrison snapped some pictures of the sunset above the Great Barrier Reef, and she noticed a bright orb-like object when she later reviewed the photographs.

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    • That sounds likely. Might we not ask ourselves for what reason our kind elders from outer space would be vacuuming a piece of chemtrail up?

      Might they be showing us that they have the technology to sweep chemtrails out to prevent us from getting sick from them?

      That particular chemtrail, can we only wonder, was it a particularly poisonous one?

      Maybe a new genetically modified strain of plague?

      Or could the chemtrail have a new form of neutron activated particle hid in it or radioactive brimstone waste?

      When we see the appearance of our elders’ spacecraft might it indicate a “MARKING” to inform us what our genocidal weapons of mass destruction industrial hobbyists are up to here?

      Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from the central bankers and help us to try to save our lives?

  1. It’s well done, but the camera moves a lot as usual but it never looses the focus, what’s very unusual. And to have such clearan close image, a very skilful film maker and professional equipment is required.

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