Flying Saucer Spotted on Google Maps – UFO Captured on Street View in Bermuda


A saucer-shaped UFO has sparked an online frenzy after it was snapped on Google Maps Street View, which enables users to observe the world from street level.

A social media eagle-eyed user claims to have observed a real flying saucer above the paradise island of Bermuda

The Reddit user, who has since deleted his account, reportedly spotted the unusual hovering object above the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo.

The UFO hunter posted his finding online saying Google Earth reveals concrete evidence of a UFO metal saucer.

The alleged UFO was reportedly snapped above Hamilton Parish, Bermuda, close to the aquarium’s Caribbean Exhibit.

The unidentified flying object seems to be flying over Bermuda’s Harrington Sound body of water.

The shape of the object is very much like a classic flying saucer.

The object in question can be found under Google Maps coordinates 32.323628,-64.738612.

A few of Reddit users say there are quite a few on Google Earth such pretty crazy things.

However, other Redditors were quick to offer more plausible explanations for the appearance of the object. They suggested the UFO was a small bird flying in front of Google’s cameras.

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