Artifacts Discovered In Utah Link To Lady of Elche As An Anunnaki Queen


The Lady of Elche is one of the most enigmatic faces of human history that dates back of the Iberian culture. Despite the Lady high lineage clothing, her identity is not known. However, as the years passed by, enigmas have become more evident, and new hypotheses are at least surprising.

A medal discovered in 1966 in Utah has an engraved lady similar to that of Elche, particularly the ritual earrings and necklaces. It has been thought that the two relics reveal a connection despite the vast distances between Utah and Elche.

The earmuffs were Atlantis representative as well. In Bolivia, Peru and the Andes there has always been a trail of Atlantis, which had capital on Lake Titicaca. The lake is in the mountains and with remains of Anunnaki. Legends say that there had been Venus men visited the area and had that type of earmuffs.

With the interesting link from the medal to the statue, the mystery only deepens.

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  1. Atlantis has been said to exist in several different places if it did exist, but Lake Titicaca?

    Also, I saw this bust several years ago in a museum in Spain and it was said to be a funerary urn, as discovered by DNA or some microscopic material. I forget which.
    Doubt it is Sumerian when it was found in Iberia. Just saying!
    This site gives me a headache sometimes.

  2. Atlantis is questionable whether it existed, and now as far from the sea as possible in the Andes? Give me a break! This statue is Iberian not Sumerian and is in a museum in Spain. It is classed as a funerary urn as proven by DNA evidence from its hollow back.
    This site gives me a headache sometimes!

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