Shock UFO Claim – Mysterious Aerial Activity Is Causing Extreme Weather


Alien hunters believe the UFO that has been spotted in Argentina could be the reason for bad weather. The orb-like flying object was seen with bright light hovering outside a home in Santa Cruz. It was observed during a wind storm, making some to think the mysterious bright light may have caused it. It seems to hover around the area calmly.

Some observers theorize that aliens are monitoring the human race and even affect the weather on Earth as if it is fun for them.

Several prominent alien hunters believe space aliens could be monitoring the humanity’s reaction to extreme weather scenarios.

 According to the report, the UFO was spotted outside a home in Argentina during a wind storm, and it may be the reason for the weather being so bad that day.

Unidentified flying objects are known for causing tornadoes, hail, thunder, lightning, and wind.

Argentina is a UFO hotspot, and this is very evident on a UFO landing pad created in the country’s wilderness. A man built the pad after aliens allegedly told him to do so in the site.


A Swiss man named Werner Jaisli is the one who builds the strange monument.

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