Famous UFO cases

Phoenix lights, 1997 & 2007

Nazi UFOs

Belgian UFO wave (1989/90)

TR-3B – Triangle UFOs

Rendlesham Forest UFO incident – 1980

2004 Mexican UFO incident

1966 UFO incident at Westall High School, Australia

Battle of Los Angeles 1942

Kaikoura lights – New Zealand, 1978

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  1. hi people with storys like me that are true buy like me having family friends and all that hear saying WHAT A NUT!!!IS HE ON DRUGS ETC ETC. BUT AT THE AGE OF 4YRS OLD DRUGS ARNT IN MY PITCHER AND I HAVE THE SCARES TO PROVE IT EVEN THROUGH THE SYSTEM SAY IM A BOY WITH A OVER ACTIVE IMAGINATION.BULLCRAP!!!!IT HAPPEND GOT THE SCARES TO SHOW FOR IT .MY SISTER SAW IT LOCKING ME OUT OF THE HOUSE AS THE SHIP HOVERD OVER ME AND THE HOUSE.I WAS SO SCARED I BROKE THE WINDOW WITH MY HAND TO GET IN .THE BLOOD WAS HITTING THE ROOF WICH SCARED MY SISTER SO MUCH SHE RAN FOR HER LIFE AND DIDNT COME BACK UNTIL MUM GOT HOME 3 HOURS later and took me to the hospital ..fun thing was I had seved the artery and should of bleed out in a matter of minutes ,but from out of no were a voice told me to run the cut wich was to the bone,under cool water!!!!the bleadind stopped and it should of the vain was cut in half and I sat 4 3hours for mum to cum home from work this was just the start what happened over the next 44 years will blow any ones mind including my own.man do I have TRUE storys to tell people that have a open mind also wich is the most importaint !!!!my storyes HAVE NEVER CHANGE .hears 1 sleep paralysis is a load of crap !!!it has happened to me awke 5times with driffant parnertes WHILE WE WERE AWAKE !!! now don’t you have to be asleep???it has happened while asleep but the fis[rst time I was awake and 4other times as well with driffant girls ..how does that happen???? it does not sleep paraliss is lie and I can proff it

  2. there in radio tv wifi internet satallite bluetooth and whatever else they can come up with want to know more time to wake up contact me

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