Two craft linked formation captured over Virginia

Two bright craft linked formation was recorded yesterday (25th November ’09) in Virginia.

Was outside doing my normal star gazing and out of nowhere, two bright lights appeared in the sky behind my house.. The appeared to be verticle and moving straight up in the sky. I yelled for my wife and she came out with the camera. In the mean time, it appeared to have turned horizontal and was travelling over the house in what appeared to be only a few thousand feed up. I don’t even know how to guess how far apart they were but it was definitely two end lights attached to a central object, they NEVER broke apart. After filming it travel over the house, it appeared to move straight up in the sky until it was out of sight. Just as this video ends, another object shot across the sky but, I did not get that on video. As I said, I have it on video and i’ll try to attach it. I don’t know if it will or not, it’s 50 megs. I must warn you that there is a kid yelling and crying and several cuss words are used in reference to us freaking out over the UFO.
Author (source: MUFON)

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