UFO / USO in Cordoba, Argentina (strange stuff)

A truly remarkable UFO or maybe USO sighting has happened recently in early November to a group of friends in Cordoba, Argentina. Real or fake?


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  1. Im one of the guys in the video, the one with withe shirt and brown shorts, we were eating barbacue and playing cards in a friends house in San Antonio, near to Carlos Paz, Cordoba, Argentina, we where walking near the river, going to another friend´s house and we saw it, it happened on November 1st, at afternoon, we coudnt see more of the thing that appears on the video, no sound of the flying

  2. Well if that was a fake, it was the best I have ever seen.<br />Looks like the thing went pretty fast and you also see what looked like heat coming off the thing as it started to rise…looked real to me!

  3. From other UFO books I have read, it is very difficult to fake a scene with trees in front. That is what you see in this clip–a UFO moving but we are seeing it through the trees.<br /><br />Specifically, the book of which I am speaking is The Gulf Breeze Sightings. The photos taken by the Ed Walters were examined thoroughly by numerous credible experts. The very first photo Walters took was from

  4. disen q hay 2 videos mas pero no lo an subido pero la verda esto ta pasando en varios lugar y si fue cirto q contactem a los q lo firmaron y hablan sobre lo sucedico

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