Daytime disc shaped UFO over Arizona desert

Disc-shaped UFO footage from Arizona desert. This sighting was taken on 2nd September 2009 at 11:48 am. ovni Flying Saucer uso nlp nlo НЛО aliens extraterrestrials area 51 men in black ufo hunters nasa crash s4 greys conspiracy 2012 nazi unidentified flying object 

“I live in alter valley and ride a KLR 650 (a street legal dirt bike) so I ride alot on dirt roads and trails. I had been riding around and found a dead cow. I didnt see any obvious trauma or signs of disease. (I grew up on a cattle ranch in Wyoming) After inspecting the carcass and not being able to determine anything I continued on. I rode to the top of a hill ( #1) and took some photos, came back down to continue on. Within 2 minutes my bike died. I tried to start it and couldnt. I got of my bike to take a look and as I removed my helmet a silver glint in the sky caught my eye. I grabbed my camera and was only able to take one photo before it disappeared.It was completely stationary and I observed it for aprox 30 to 60 seconds. If I had to guess at an altitude I would say several thousand feet. It was South West of me and looked to be over Sasabe road south of three points. I heard no noise at all. I stood there for a minute just going over things in my head and then remembered that I was stranded. I tried to start my bike and it fired right up. the hill #1 lat=32.1404840446, lon=-111.290579283 position observed from lat=32.1348177236, lon=-111.2807.”
Author (source: mufon)

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