Diamond shape UFO emerges from V-shape cloud, Indiana USA

This picture was taken in Indiana, USA on 25th August 2009.

“I was traveling southbound on I-65 near MM 158 when I noticed a strange V shaped cloud which looked like it had a head on it.
I took a sequence of aprox 10 photos at about 1 second intervals of the cloud and didn’t see the diamond shape object until after reviewing the photos. I was driving at the time so I have idea what happened to the object.
Since then I have noticed more of these objects that just kind of pop-up and disappear very quickly and are completely silent. So fast in fact that if hadn’t actually caught one with my camera I would not know what I was seeing.”
Author (source: MUFON)

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  1. I have seen multiple sightings just like the one in this photo. I live just outside Crawfordsville, Indiana. I have also witnessed numerous military jets flying through the area where I see these craft.

  2. I am getting very frustrated. I am the guy who posted the first comment on this sighting. These craft have been in the sky over my house for over two weeks now. The military is constantly flying through this area. But still I see no coverage of any kind either in the mainstream media or even on sites such as this one. Who do you tell that will listen?

  3. Why then sign in as anonymous? Stand up and be counted, at least ten per cent of the global population has seen sightings UFOs, including myself on multiple locations. Get photos when you can, I as of yet have not. WJSidmore

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