Orange UFOs over Huntington beach, Ca

Recent UFO sighting – Two orange orbs / UFOs recorded over Huntington beach, California on December 31, 2009 around 9:30 pm.
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This video was shot near Springdale and Slater in Huntington Beach around 9:30pm. I live in the glidepath for Long Beach airport, and I’m used to seeing all sorts of planes, jets, helicopters. These “orbs” were about 1/4 the size of my thumbnail held at arms length, looked like they were on fire. The iphone 3GS video recording does not adequately capture their coloring: they were alternating shades of orange, and lit up the sky in a halo around them as it was a cloudy and foggy evening. They seemed to be lower than the other air traffic in the area. I would have dismissed them as flares, except they all ran a straight course over our house and out towards the Catalina Island before “burning out”. Not saying these are “little green men” but they do fit in the category of “unidentified.”
1) Yes, I know the camera is very shaky. This happened completely spur of the moment, and I’m glad I at least got this footage. Sue me.
2) Yes, I know I sound like a slack-jawed yokel. It was a very strange experience- particularly when the last orb of the 4 looked like it started to change course towards my wife and I.
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