Triangular UFO taped in Florida

Latest triangle UFO sighting from Naples Park, Florida recorded today (1st January 2010) around 12 am.

“UFO. Red lights hovering over Naples Park, Florida. 3 lights started in a straight line above us, right around 12am. They hovered north, and formed a triangle. The red lights in the front and right corner then disappeared while the one other remained. They were there for about 2 minutes. Pardon the language, it was New Years Eve and there are a few f-“
Author (hellonicole1977 @ youtube)

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  1. Just seen something VERY similar here in the UK. We are in the Saddleworth area, about 15 miles north east of central Manchester. <br /><br />We saw three orange objects tracking from the north west on a similar flight pattern that I would expect for planes landing at Manchester airport. However, the three were seperated by about 20 seconds, vetr unusual, and rather than turning south for finals

  2. Saw the same thing about 10 years ago in Conway, Sc it was amazing, my Dad is retired Army and said there is no way that was military aircraft……we are not alone!

  3. I saw one just like it, last night around 9:15ish just hovering there with two rapidly blinking lights on the side and one in the front blinking around every 15 seconds.

  4. At 12:15 a.m Saturday jan.23 2010 I was sitting on the hood of my ford explore looking at the sky thinking..I laid back on the hood with my head on the windshield with my eyes closed enjoying the night air for like 10 seconds..when I opened my eyes this huge triangle object was above me in the looked like it was 50 or 60 feet on each every point of the triangle it had lights that

  5. I just moved to Naples, Florida in August 2010 and my friend here has seen quite a few things he can&#39;t explain. Also, my dad and his girlfriend live here, and both of them have seen the 3 lights moving together and apart two different times. Neither of them, especially my dad, believed in UFO&#39;s or anything like that until seeing this twice. It&#39;s pretty odd.

  6. I recently moved to naples, near the YMCA on Pine Ridge Rd. Just a few minutes ago around 2:10 am or so I saw two green orbs zooming by at a great speed in the clear cloudless sky. one orb was slightly lower and behind the other. as quickly as they streaked across the sky they vanished!!! My step dad tells me that he&#39;s seen lights like these as well. Is Florida a hot spot for u.f.o activity?

  7. My nave is david morris.Hon disc usn 1966.Hon disc.NYANG 1981.Medical First Responder 24 yrs.G.E.worker 42 yrs.Saw a metal obbject about 4pm.Coming into Fla on I-95 to bypass Jacksonville onto I-10The obiect looked like the shape of a guitar pick.Watched it for maybe 15 sec.The thing turned and vanished.Stopped the car and looked a flash.Question?I live near Live Oak.Last Wed

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