UFO over Manchester, UK

Video UFO footage recorded in Manchester, UK on 3rd December 2009.
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“It was last Thursday 3rd December 2009 that my UFO Sighting occurred at just after 3am in the morning, I do not want to give the exact location of where I live, except to say that this sighting occurred in Greater Manchester, UK.
I arrived home from work at 2-45 am in the morning, the first thing that I did was to put the dog out in the back garden, I then remember switching on Sky news and then I made a coffee. It was just after 3am when I was stood at the back kitchen door drinking a mug of coffee and smoking a cigarette watching my dog sniff around the garden when I spotted the strange light.
The light was a very bright whitish/orangish/reddish object and appeared to be a jagged triangular shape, I have to point out that the actual colour of the light, especially around the edges was much more of a fiery orange colour, but has showed up more of a reddish colour on both the photos and video, I suspect this could be due to the fact that the camera I was using was a cheap digital phone camera? The object was almost directly above my house and it is difficult to say how high up in the sky it was, it appeared to be several hundred feet from the ground but it could have been a lot further away? I am pretty sure that what I was seeing was the bottom/stomach of the object, it was completely silent and I could not see any movement, it seemed to be completely still. Also, what else that is not seen on the photos or video is that at times the object appeared to look like it was on fire and I am pretty sure that I saw what looked like smoke or steam around the object. The light appeared to the naked eye to be roughly the size of a 5 pence piece held at arms length.
I stood and observed the brightly lit object for about 45 seconds before I went inside and got my mobile phone. I took 7 still photos in total, 2 normal and 5 at full zoom (5x digital zoom). I then started to video the object on my mobile phone, what happened next was just completely mind boggling and quiet a spectacle. After filming the light for about 30 seconds, suddenly a smaller circular shaped light, greenish/white in appearance appeared from nowhere. I stood and observed the second object and watched as it blinked on and off several times, whilst also disappearing and re-appearing in different parts of the night sky as well as moving around the larger triangular object. I have to say, some of the maneuvers (sic) and speed of the moving light was just simply stunning, mind boggling and just plain weird. After roughly 1 minute the circular light shot off in a north-westerly direction at tremendous speed and blinked out and just simply vanished. I continued to film the main object for roughly a further 30 seconds before it just went out, it was like someone switched a light off, there was an orangish/reddish flash and the thing was gone, I am pretty sure that I saw an orangish streak dart away, this only lasted for no more than a second and unfortunately does not show up on the video clip.
I must have gone in and out of the garden about 15 times over the course of the next hour to see if I could see the thing again, I never saw anything else and I went to bed. I have to say, at the time and after the sighting, I never really thought that much about it, I wasn’t thinking UFOS, Flying saucers, aliens or anything like that, I thought ” that’s pretty weird” and that’s all I remember thinking. It was the next day and the following few days that it started to dawn on me just what I had seen. I have done some research on the Internet in the last week and I am amazed how much stuff is out there regarding UFOS, I never ever had any interest before my sighting and I didn’t realize (sic) that there was so much on the web.
I have shown the photos and video to several people and the main reaction that I received was “wow”, “weird”, I showed the footage to a good friend of mine, he thinks that what I witnessed was nothing more than some kind of military aircraft. I suppose that I could not rule that out as an explanation but, I have visited many air shows over the years and seen lots of stuff on the T.V and DVDS about aircraft and jets etc, and I can honestly say that I have never seen anything that can perform maneuvers (sic) and move as fast as the objects that I witnessed. I am not saying that what I witnessed was aliens, but I would love someone to show me something man made that can perform like the objects that I witnessed, I have never seen anything remotely close.”

Author – Glin (source: http://www.uforc.com/ufo_reports/Manchester_RCVD-121009.htm)
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