Huge UFOs orbiting and flying around the Sun, part 5

Latest UFO sighting – New footage from NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO). This was taken on 11th March and yesterday, 13th March 2010.
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  1. to hard to say its ships, but there out there atm waiting, the mayan calender is like a security protocols? they are not allowed to interfear with our race only after dec 21 2012 thats if the world leaders dont do what there suppost to very soon its gonna go down.i seen things in the sky everyday.things that? is not and air plane

  2. Interestingly and I do wonder, why UFO and other fun is encountered just by morons. Normal people can't see it, nor have any evidence. These claims point not to UFO but to poor general level of education in the country where these morons are doing their claims ( excluding legal idiots with proper medical certificate ).

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