Multiple Orbs recorded over Chicago, IL

Latest UFO sightings – Multiple UFOs / Orbs were recorded over Chicago, Illinois on March 10, 2010. Real deal or just chines lanterns?
Most recent UFOs ovni sighting reports and evidences from North America, USA – LUS 2010 documents and secret aliens files forum. 2012 debate!

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  1. I live in the south west suburbs of chicago, and just last nite, june 19th 2010 at about 10:45 at night I saw 5 orange orbs moving in a triangle formation slowly moving in the southwest direction. They split off and eventually just faded away. Did anyone else see anything?

  2. 1:00am Decemeber 14th 2010. Tonight was supposed to be some sort of Meteor Shower, I saw one shooting star, but I also saw an "orb" just like the one in this video, but there was only one. And like colin said, it just faded away and the flickering orb got became further and further until is was gone. My point is that i am certain it was not a star nor a plane, stars and planes dont

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