Lights over Lake Erie: New footage from March 17 and 18 2010

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I actually talked with Eugene Erlikh today about this sightings over Lake Erie and he said to me (quote): “These have been coming back every day now, and I film them every time, last night was an amazing capture on camera because we can see rainbow colors.”

I hope to see more soon!

Video 1

Filmed by Eugene Erlikh in Euclid, Ohio on March 17, 2010 (zoomed). Watch original video – here –.

This is byfar one of the most spectacular videos we have captured. If you zoom in on the objects, you will be able to see brilliant lights unlike anything of this world.
This was around 280º W from 260th street and Lakeshore Blvd in Euclid, Ohio. This was night number 12 of our sightings over Lake Erie, not counting two days of bad weather.
What type of aircraft would do this? It seems that the illumination coming from the left takes the place of the first illumination.
It also seems that these produce a large spectrum of different colors at the same time when the image is enlarged.
These illuminations have been appearing in these same locations for several days now, with hundreds of people seeing them. I bring friends up to my balcony daily to witness these events with me, and as you can hear in the footage, nobody is anything short of astounded.
Why are they here?
What is the significance of the locations they keep appearing at?
Why do they keep coming back?
…..What are they?

Eugene Erlikh’s channel on Youtube – link

Video 2

Filmed at 7am on 3/18/2010 from Walnut Beach in Ashtabula, Ohio near the breakwall. Roughly 60 miles east of Cleveland, Ohio.


Mysterious flying object over near Lake Erie that moves extremely slow over the course of about 5 minutes, then mysteriously disappears. The object seems to face us the entire time with its lights directed towards us. I thought about the possibility of this object being a airplane, but I believe I have ruled that out, because for that to be a plane and for the lights to be visible for us to see then the plane would have to be coming at us head on. We would have never be able to see the lights if the plane was traveling in a heading that would have prevented us from seeing them. However the lights never seem to dull, an the object slowly moves horizontally across the sky, then all of a sudden it dissappears.
We took the recording back home, an ran it through Vegas Movie Studio and analyzed the object frame by frame, an right before the object disappears the light suddenly intensifies… and then it disappears leaving only a brief gray discoloration that lasts for 3 frames.
This recording comes only 10 days after a string of sightings that have captured local news attention in Euclid Ohio on March 7th, 2010.
Author (UFOSkeptic1 @ youtube)

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  1. This is bizarre. How exactly would you describe the object you saw?<br /><br />My friend said she saw a light where she lives in Port Ewen, NY last night (3/17/10). She said it remained stationary and slowly became brighter. She described it as having colored lights swirling around it: red and green, the white possibly had a light blue tint to it. She said it was hard to tell. After a bit it

  2. For along time I thought I was nutzo seeing exactly the samething in our night skies down here in summit county about 1 hour south of cleveland this area seems to attract these strange flying objects its good to know Im not alone here these are truly the strangest things I have ever seen I have a telescope and often observe stars and celestial activitiy these bright,ecliptic,prism colored flying

  3. hey last night i was sitting outside with my mom and we saw the same lights as they dimmed out and come back in in one spot then dimm out and come to the other side in the sky

  4. Planes don&#39;t change colors like that, nor do they fly that close to each other in commercial air space.<br /><br />Just because they are in the sky does not mean they are planes 😉

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