Triangular craft spotted over Domenican Republic

Latest UFO sightings – One of the best UFO sightings ever (if authentic) in Dominican Republic over city La Vega on Friday, 16th April 2010. A triangular shaped craft hovered over a house at night for about 10 mins, 100s of witnesses saw it. Re-recorded from a TV, hence the poor quality.


00:00 (studio) Many residents of this community saw a strange bright triangular UFO late at night hovering and moving very slow as if it was scaning the area.
00:24 (witness #1) It stayes for about 10 minutes hovering over some house before it made other moves that defy any other conventional man made flying objects. Noiseless! We have never seen something like that. That was a real UFO up there! Many of us came out and some had cameras and videotaped it. Weird…
00:49 (studio) Many are shocked at the triangular shaped object and stood there amazed.
0:55 (witness #1) This object has never been seen before nor does it resemble a plane. We are still in shock and have yet to wonder, what was it?
1:05 (studio) All the resident are saying that other UFOs have been spotted near.
1:18 (witness #1) This UFO displayed bright lights at times and then it was very dim before it went away, also it was noiseless! No sound was hear at all! Neighbours are in shock doue to the fact this object has all the right conditions of a UFO.
1:38 (studio) As of now, it still remains a mystery and it has left a good impression… All the citizens are in fear of more UFOs arriving and scaring them…
Aliens presence is now a possibility due to the way this UFO acted…
Saturday, 15th May 2010 update: 
Guillermo Gimenez and Liliana Núñez have alerted us this morning to a curious image of an alleged triangular UFO that was captured on a cellphone or camcorder by residents of La Vega in the Dominican Republic.
According to reports, the event occurred around 20:30 hours on Friday, April 16, 2010 and startled residents of Villa Francisca II with its maneuvers. The object reportedly flew over homes, later remained static, and was described as “a UFO” by the news media. The object suddenly vanished after rotating in place for a number of minutes.
At the end of the video, the anchorman prays that the object will not reappear and that the good people of La Vega will get their much-deserved sleep.
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