Two RAF fighter jets chase UFO West Midlands, UK (Original video!)

29th April 2010 Update: UFO M5 Jet Chase The Truth Revealed by Creator – link

I already posted this footage and The Sun article about it (from April 10, 2010), but today the original author published full video which you can view here.

The Sun article about this sighting: link

LUS 2010 – most recent Latest UFO sightings reports and evidences. Real UFOs on net. England, Europe, disc shaped flying saucer abd M5 Raf jets. Daytime service station! extended

Update: TV interview with Nick Pope from April 12, 2010

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  1. Total CGI. If you don't believe it, Google the following – 3D Model Mercedes Truck, 3D Model Volvo FH16 Truck and 3D shop P&O Trailer. Then ask yourself what the two 'fighter jets' in the video are. They are exactly that, generic 'fighter jets', and certainly are not Typhoons or Tornado F3's, the only two possible types of aircraft that would be scrambled.

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