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Could Livingston UFO sighting be connected to an experiment in Wales?

28 May 2010 – A UFO sighting in Livingston – spotted during last month’s volcanic ash shutdown of the country’s airspace – is causing a stir amongst enthusiasts who believe it could be connected to a unique experiment carried out on in Wales. On April 17 a test was carried out on a Welsh hillside by a group of like-minded individuals to try out equipment built to communicate with alien life forms through the medium of light. Read more…

Fears of a UFO invasion of northern Australia overblown

May 27, 2010 – Melbourne – Some Australians are afraid that strange bright lights seen in the Northern Territory sky at night might be the prelude to an extraterrestrial invasion of the area. The mysterious “flares,” which have been seen along a 360 kilometer stretch of Northern Australia called the Top End coast, have prompted alarm from some who believe the strange lights mean an extraterrestrial invasion is imminent. Australian authorities disagree, saying the lights were the result of meteors, reports DNA India. DNA India, along with NT News, both cite UFO expert Alan Ferguson as having said the lights were a prelude to an invasion by extraterrestrials. Ferguson however, disagrees, saying he was misquoted. Ferguson wrote on his website, UFO Territory: Read more…

Newfoundland UFOs still a mystery

Friday, May 28, 2010 – The unidentified flying objects spotted in January off Newfoundland remain a mystery to the government, despite extensive scrutiny, according to Department of National Defence (DND) documents obtained by CBC News. The documents contain grainy images of a rocket with a long, fiery tail soaring skyward. The reports rule out missiles and model rockets, but don’t suggest what the images might show. Read more…

Aliens Found In Ohio? The ‘Wow!’ Signal

May 28, 2010 – When something truly startling happens, people say: “OMG!” or the dreaded, “Awesome!” But when Jerry Ehman sat at his kitchen table on Aug. 18, 1977, and saw six numbers and letters on the computer printout in front of him — six symbols that have become one of the grandest riddles in modern science — he chose the simplest expression of all. He took a red pen, circled the letters and then wrote: When Jerry Ehman wrote that three-letter word, “wow,” he was a professor at Ohio State University volunteering with SETI, the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence. Every few days, a messenger would bike over from “The Big Ear,” Ohio State’s giant radio telescope in Delaware, Ohio, and hand Jerry computer records of sounds coming in from deep space. If something surprising popped up, he was to notify the other SETI folks. Read more…
History’s secrets:

Maya ‘lost city’ revealed in Central America

May 24, 2010 – Belmopan – Airborne surveys using optical technology over the Central American country of Belize have revealed new images of an ancient Maya metropolis that is far larger than previously thought. Scientists made the announcement at the International Symposium on Archaeometry in Tampa, Florida. The National Geographic website reported a LIDAR system (Light Detection and Ranging) ”stripped” away the thick rain forests on computer and revealed new images of the ancient Maya metropolis of Caracol. A LIDAR system was placed on an aircraft that performed flyovers of the area in April 2009. Read more…

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