Jaime Maussan talks about latest NASA’s STS-132 sightings

Latest UFO sightings – Jaime Maussan talks about UFOs in formation flying near most recent Space Shuttle mission STS-132 for what he says NASA has no explanation yet. More info in the video.

About STS-132:

STS-132 (ISS assembly flight ULF4) was the most recent Space Shuttle mission, which docked with the International Space Station on 16 May 2010. It was launched from the Kennedy Space Center on 14 May 2010. The primary payload is the Russian Rassvet Mini-Research Module along with an Integrated Cargo Carrier-Vertical Light Deployable (ICC-VLD). It landed at the Kennedy Space Center on 26 May 2010, for what is likely the final time, thereby completing its mission and its service life.
STS-132 is scheduled to be the final flight of Space Shuttle Atlantis provided that the STS-335 Launch On Need rescue mission is not flown.

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