Another flying saucer spotted and recorded over Tucson, Arizona

Latest UFO sightings – We already posted footage of this object recorded over Arizona and you can watch those videos here and here. But yesterday, on Wednesday 16th June 2010 another sighting of this flying saucer was recorded over Tucson, Arizona.
Tucson, AZ ~ In the background are city lights (perhaps some other things), filmed down upon from atop the mountain, just to give you some perspective for whats going on. As I mentioned in a comment response just now – the ‘Watchers’ would come into focus as being MUCH closer AND brighter than other city lights, as well as blinking and flashing, with distorting, invisible waves surrounding their circumference….Perhaps these are waves of gravity.
After researching a bit of Bob Lazar’s case, I theorize that the distortion waves they push out are gravity waves which bend the light and show what is behind and around them.
Me and my friend Julio went atop Mt. Lemmon last night to scope out the city and sure enough we saw crazy shit from the top view just as we did at ground – swooping, flipping and rotating triangular formations of lights down below, in accordance to where I see them from my apartment.
~~”Flying Stars”~~ is totally the term I meant to use when originally posting recent vids about the triangle formation/government practicing UFO maneuvers… yes, flying stars… but this here is a watcher who was staring me in the eye the whole time. Many more others as well. Some swell footage to share with you guys, this was just a short clip I could get out before work this morning…
Oh, and on the FlYiNg StARz….. Now that we are all good and insane here in our UFO circle on Youtube, you will surely entertain my schizo-esque theories about the government being behind these by PLEASE checking out Bob Lazar…. he explains it all in these videos from the early 90’s…. he worked for the government in back-engineering UFOs and he explains how what you will soon know as the “flying star” ufos operate, and he even has video that looks JUST LIKE my “bird” videos,… ya wanna know more b4, then open this door [click here for the documentary: Top Secret UFO’s with Bob Lazar]
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