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UFO report: Tempe, Arizona

It had a red light at the tail of it that occasionally turned quickly on and off (slight flash). The front lights were a series of lights, between 6-8 white, circular lights that were all on, but one. This is hard to describe, but one light would turn off, in the row of lights, and turn back on as the next one turned off. It repeated this pattern, across the entire row, and back again. Resembles the kind of lighting effects that are used on games we see at the fair, or Peter Piper Pizza, for example. Read more…

UFO Conference Held in Alamo

-3-2010 – Alamo’s Senior Citizens Center was the focal point of the annual UFO conference sponsored by Ike Bishop.About 40-50 people attended the conference this year, which included a rather unusual guest speaker. Travis Walton, of Snowflake, Arizona, 175 miles northeast of Phoenix, spoke to the attendees Sunday afternoon. Walton, who claims to have been abducted by aliens in 1975, had a movie made about his story in 1993, Fire in the Sky, which remains the most well documented alleged case of alien abduction on record. Read more…

Advocates say UFO landing proved
ANGEL FIRE, N.M., June 3 2010 – Believers in visits to Earth by alien spacecraft say they have hard evidence of landings in a pasture in a sparsely populated area in northern New Mexico.The Alliance Studying Paranormal Experiences, based in the small village of Angel Fire, claims the region has received multiple visits, the Sangre de Cristo Chronicle reports. Alliance President Janet Sailor calls the area a “UFO hot spot.” Read more…

Dennis Hopper Film Left Big Legacy to UFO Researchers

June 2, 2010 – Dennis Hopper may have passed away, but along with his many film appearances, he has left an important legacy to UFO researchers. That’s the belief of Vancouver-based paranormal researcher Jon Kelly, who says the script that Hopper and “Easy Rider” co-star Peter Fonda wrote for the 1969 counterculture classic helped introduce a lot of information about UFOs to a massive audience. Kelly points to the campfire scene where Hopper (who played Billy) and cast member Jack Nicholson (George) discuss extraterrestrials and their presence on the planet. Read more…

Are Alien Artifacts in Our Solar System?

Jun 3, 2010 – The unknown visitor came from deep space. It passed nearly as close to the Earth as the moon on May 21st. Its spectrum didn’t match any known asteroid. At a feeble absolute magnitude of +28.9, the traveler must have only been about the size of a truck. Object 2010 KQ, what are you? Is this a scouting ship for Stephen Hawking’s hypothesized evil aliens planning a mass invasion of Earth? Read more…
2012: Dr. Martin Luther King relative, contactee, brings UFO/ET message of dimensional shift in 2012
June 3, 2010 – Anthony Kane, a black American relative of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (former recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize) and reported continuing contactee of representatives of an apparent extraterrestrial, hyperdimensional governance authority known as the “Council of Twelve,” has delivered a number of specific datelines and predicted developments concerning a dimensional shift which Earth and human consciousness is now undergoing in relation to the year 2012, according to information Mr. Kane received from the “Council of Twelve.” Mr. Kane describes the “Council of Twelve” as stating that during the nine days from December 12, 2012 (12/12/12) to December 21, 2012, the planet Earth will split dimensionally into two separate Earths, each of which has different dimensional frequencies. Mr. Kane describes this as a process analogous to the way that a single cell can split into two cells. Read more…
UFO expert investigating Colo. cow mutilations
May 23, 2010 – ALAMOSA, Colo. – Authorities in Colorado’s San Luis Valley are trying to solve a series of bizarre, gruesome slaying: cows, mutilated, carved up, left to die in the fields. Police are stumped. But rancher Mike Duran, who lost two of his cows to mutilation last December, has a theory that is literally out of this world. He says it was aliens. “It’s almost like the animal was taken away, killed, surgically manipulated and brought back,” Duran told us. Read more…
Conspiracy theories

David Icke – Edge Media 28 May 2010
TV interview with David Icke. Watch…

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