Disc-shaped UFO filmed over Novo Mesto, Slovenia

Latest UFO sightings – This video of some kind of disc-shaped silent UFO was allegedly recorded in Novo Mesto, Slovenia in central Europe on Monday, 19th July 2010 around 10:30 pm. According to  Slovenian news website 24ur.com at least 4 witnesses saw this unknown object.
What do you think of this? Just another fake? Some experimental craft? Alien spaceship?
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Your opinion?
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  1. The universe itself keeps on expanding and expanding<br />In all of the directions it can whizz<br />As fast as it can go, at the speed of light, you know,<br />Twelve million miles a minute, and that&#39;s the fastest speed there is.<br />So remember, when you&#39;re feeling very small and insecure,<br />How amazingly unlikely is your birth,<br />And pray that there&#39;s intelligents somewhere

  2. I wasn&#39;t convinced until I saw that god damn ship in the video. OMG!! OMG!! This is Annoying me!! 🙁 Do anyone have any idea why they are here?

  3. July 24 2010 Wildwood Crest N.J. Between 9 P.M. and 9:10 P.M. was at Free open lawn Greaseband Concert, clear sky stars and full moon directly behind stage, a Basketball size red orb no tail appeared in the sky just over the stage moving at a fairly fast speed no blinking lights no sounds flew parallel to coastal shore for about 1 minute then slowed down and speed up 2 times for short

  4. Why do so many of these U.F.O.&#39;s seem to buzz the camera that&#39;s taking the film? Back and forth and in and out! I am far more interested in ones &#39;doing their own thing&#39; Not these focused in on me and my friends…lol.

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