Former Ministry of Defence UFO expert Nick Pope says footage taken in Pasture Close, Bushey is ‘very interesting’

July 2, 2010 – A former Ministry of Defence UFO investigator described unusual footage of a Bushey sighting as “very interesting”.
Nick Pope, who worked for the MoD between 1991 and 1994, is recognised as a leading authority on UFOs and continues to investigate and comment on unusual sightings.
After viewing the video taken in Pasture Close, Bushey, on Wednesday, Mr Pope said he could not be sure what the object was, but that it probably had a logical explanation.
He said: “We are getting more and more sightings of UFOs. I think this is partly down to science fiction movies and people becoming more open to the possibility we are not alone.
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UFO Sighting Above Bushey Hertfordshire 30.06.10

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  1. It&#39;s almost an Onion headline: &quot;Nick Pope says UFO footage is &#39;very interesting&#39;&quot;<br /><br />Poor Nick Pope…he can&#39;t be too skeptical or he loses market share to more accommodating experts.

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