Hampton Bays UFO cigar-shaped red and white lights near airbase in NY, US

Latest UFO sightings – Hampton Bays UFO cigar-shaped red and white lights near airbase in New York photographed on Friday, 2nd July 2010.
Witness report: First, a little background info on me — I’m a medium/paranormal investigator and so I am very sensitive to things occuring. It was about 9:20 – 9:25 pm EDT on Friday, 7/2/2010. I was working at my computer (with my back to the window). The blinds were up and I felt that feeling like someone was watching you, so I got up and went to close the blinds. As I did this, through the slats of the blinds, and coming in our direction (towards the house) was a bright red light. Now it looked triangular to me initially but that is because I was working on the computer and my eyes were tired tonight; I had a little blurry/double-vision going on which made the line of lights into two sets of lines. I estimated this array of lights to be about 1,500 – 2,000 feet above ground level. There is a thin combination of stratus and some low cloud cover and this thing was sort of moving quietly through the cloud deck. (If it was way up in the cirros-stratus cloud layer, it would have to have been going very fast; therefore, I believe it was much lower.) At first, I said to myself, “Oh, it’s probably a fireworks display.” (You know… when the rockets go up and then burst into all the sparklers, you get burning red embers coming down from the sky.) This was different however — it was tracking like a helicopter hovering in our direction. There was no sound of any prop or jet enging or chopper blades. Off in the distance I heard fireworks going off. But right above in our local sky, all was silent except for this thing as it headed in our direction. Dad was resting in the room and Mom was watching TV. The front door was locked so when I realized it may have been a UFO event, I ran to the front door, opened it and stood on the front steps and looked up at it. At this point it was in the sky over our general street area (but apparently higher up now) and it made a 90 degree turn to the right and was beginning to head out over the bay towards the ocean. I called out to Mom and told her I believed we had a UFO and she came outside and also witnessed it. We watched it slowly tracking to the southeast towards the beach. I ran inside and got my Olympus C2100 digital camera, hoping to capture a picture before it was gone. I took two photos. The first photo (although not zoomed in) caught the object and it’s light display. The second photo I tried hurriedly to zoom in and pressed the shutter button but it was too dark to see where it was in the viewfinder and unfortunately my zoomed in shot missed it out of frame. I have uploaded the pictures to the computer. I kept the original unedited photo but did make a cropped, close-up second copy to show it better. I will post the photo here shortly. Some more comments are in order: First, I am a pilot and this object had no navigation lights (such as red/green and white on the tail.) Second, there was no engine sound. Mom thought it may have been a blimp type of craft — but those have turbofan types of motors which are very loud. Third, I pondered whether this was one of those laser lights that establishments use to light the sky through the clouds to attract attention to their business or event. However, I feel this was more like a craft flying than someone pointing a large beam of light in the sky and moving it around. It can’t be a meteorite either because it made a 90 degree turn and was too long an event to be a burn-up in the atmosphere. Fourth, this is my second UFO event on Long Island (about 20 miles away from the other event). The previous event I witnessed occurred in Calverton near the closed military base there. Similarly, we live about 12 miles from an airport with a military base. (I actually learned to fly at this airport.) Fifth, if I was not seeing double vision and it was indeed triangular, perhaps when it turned towards the ocean, I was looking at only one side of it. Finally, I wanted to say that if this was something special (be it military, otherworldy or even a paranormal/spiritual event) I do feel the timing of my witnessing it was important. Another 20-30 seconds not getting up to go to the window, I would not have witnessed it. Therefore I feel I was connected to this event. Or perhaps I heard them calling me. Photo note: I have the original larger, uncropped unedited photo which is available for analysis if you need it.
Author (source: mufon)

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  1. I saw something very similar to what you described the very next day July 3rd, 2010, at my friends house in Connetquot. Me and two of my friends are sitting in front of a fire when this bright red orange fireball comes passing through a clearance in the trees. My initial reaction was to stand up and point, "What the eff is that!" To which my two friends agreed. I first tried to

  2. We were in upstate NY at my parents lake house-Cross Lake. 40 min west of Syracuse and 20 min north of Skaneateles lake. We had a camp fire going and the sky was clear-no clouds. There was also no breeze or winds happening. <br />The first object appeared around 9:30 pm on 7/3/10. It was a orb and was lit like a lantern. Prehaps a bit brighter–orange red glow.<br />It floated above and past

  3. My wife, son, and myself were enjoying the fireworks display around our house in Aquebogue NY on July 4th, which is about 15 – 20 miles as the crow flies north of Hampton bays when my wife saw the EXACT same object and alerted both my son and myself. At first like the other poster i thought it was embers but it didn&#39;t come down towards earth, rather it flew sideways, hovered and headed south

  4. I was in Hammond, NY on the 7th when I saw something similar. Bright orange, and definitely not a planet or star. It moved erratically for about fifteen minutes. It was actually a very boring sighting considering the ones I had seen previously in St. Lawrence County, including two landings, one of which I actually saw the creatures outside of their craft, less than twenty feet away from my tent.

  5. I live in Hampton Bays and twice in the past 7 days my husband and I have seen exactly this. we checked the internet lat Sat night to see if anyone else saw it. He again saw the same type object a couple days ago with a friend visiting from upstate NY. Its around 9-9:30 pm at night. I looked like an airplane was on fire low in the sky. It was moving too slow and low for a satelite. It

  6. bonjour, moi aussi j&#39;ai pris cette objet en photos en décembre 2005 ou j&#39;abite a Clamart (france) j&#39;ai plusieurs prises de vues !!!photos non truquées!!je reste a vôtre disposition!cordialement.gerard.hulot@gemail.com


  8. In regards to Hampton Bays sighting, I am formerly of Eastport and am very familiar with not only Calverton and Gabreski, but I am a retire Suffolk Cty. employee. In March of 1998, at approximately 3 am, I was awakened for no reason at all. The Hampton Bays sighting is similar to what I saw off of Moriches Inlet, then. Being a born and bred Long Islander, now living in the Midwest, I am not

  9. springs east hampton. on the beach of the bay in the sky there was two circular lite up objects. they were at a stand still one minute the next it wasnt even a progression it would whip arcoss the sky like lighting fast speed. would go from one place in the sky to the next in the same genral area. then peridically stop like it was a helicopter. but couldnt have been because of the manor it moved.

  10. Was doing some research on UFOs – just found this web site and saw all your posts about my experience. Thank you everyone for your comments. OP

  11. I saw something tonight like that in the UK. Mine was kind of cigar shaped/line. Yellow light seemingly one light/cigar shape to begin with but as i pulled my car over to watch it I could just about make out individual light sources inside the cigar….just. At first I thought it was tower/phone mast but there is not one there an never has been AND it was way to high and a longish horizontal

  12. I saw the same thing tonight. I live in Phx AZ. At first I thought it was a plane.But then I realized the lights were not blinking. The lights were in a rod shape with bright red. It was heading East as I was out walking my dogs. The rod was just below some could flying in an oval pattern yet moving East. Twice I saw it change colors. It went suddenly to green/blue to white for only a seconds;after which it flew diagonally then started the ovals again after going back to solid red. It stayed red for a few minutes each time. I am not sure what it was.

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