Triangle UFO recorded over Lawrenceville, Georgia

Latest UFO sightings – This two videos of triangle-shaped object were recorded in the night sky over Lawrenceville, Georgia on Saturday, 24th July 2010 around 11 pm.

This was shot at the publix on sugarloaf, and old norcross. i had a MUFON investigator on site as well. she was the one that shot the video, and i had called her on the scene. this was one of many triangles seen that night. this is my 2nd sighting since july 9th and i reported that one to mufon. and here is the case link for that.

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The 2 videos and the pics were taken with an olympus epl1 digital camera. The red dot on the right in all the vids and pics is just dirt on the lens(forgot to clean the lens)

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