More UFO videos from Manhattan, New York from 13th October 2010

I decided to put all those UFO videos from 13th October 2010 together, so you can read and watch all stuff related to this here, this link will also include all the updates in the next days.

Like predicted (link), something out of the ordinary happened over Manhattan in NY on October 13 and a lot of people are contacting me, especially from New York about this UFO phenomena. 

There are 5 new videos in the player below (I already posted some here). Use full screen mode for better view!

Who predicted a UFO visit on October 13?

Retired NORAD Officer’s Stanley A. Fulham in his book Challenges of Change (3rd ed.). Read article about this prediction and video interview with him at this link!
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  1. this is so fked up!<br /><br />i feel like i live in some alien hollywood movie about extraterrestrials and no one, or majority doesn&#39;t even care what&#39;s happening around us!

  2. and the retired officer even used the word tentative relating to the date of ufo showing their really here ,many know this already. and have concerns too! ? How is the news from china / the village that disappeared, any updates? notable/confirmed video was fromearly yr.yet i would not of like to be there that night either,brave video person. hope it wasn&#39;t nuclear related etc .

  3. I was on the roof of a 54 story building at 270 park avenue October 13, 2010 and saw the objects reported as UFO&#39;s. At first I too thought they looked very odd but once I took out my binoculars and zoomed in on them I was able to tell they were nothing more than balloons. <br /><br />There was some sort of a promotional event going on in the city and hundreds of yellow or off white balloons

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