TV News: Mysterious lights over East El Paso, Texas 15-Oct-2010

October 15, 2010 – TV News Channel 9 reports about mysterious lights over East El Paso in Texas, very similar to famous UFO activity over Manhattan on 13th October 2010 (link).

UPDATE: Original footage

October 21, 2010 UPDATE: Click here!

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  1. amaze amount of videos + pictures on your site thankyou . if "overhead items" group together with the one's indicated in y-tube " huge ufos caught on Telescope.2010 " from an astro-photographer .. then i think i would lock down somewhere with the music blasting ! wonder if certain sounds tick them off maybe the nuclear direction has a sound or reaction they don'

  2. On their way to Roswell. Good one, news lady. <br /><br />Nice to see the lead anchor for the story actually took it seriously– despite the still insulting X Files theme song. I can&#39;t wait for the day where we don&#39;t have that garbage tacked on to potentially serious incident reports.

  3. Those are called skydivers with lights. You can see them still descending after deploying their shoots in the video taken at the ball park. Very obvious to me.

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