Remarkable UFOs were seen and filmed over Rome, Italy 19-Nov-2010

Latest UFO sightings – This remarkable UFO video of unknown bright lights hovering at the same spot for over a two hours was recorded in Ciampino, Roma, Italy on Friday, 19th November 2010 around 7 pm.
Witness report: UFO ROME CIAMPINO 19-11-2010 dalle ore 18:00 alle 20:10
these are some pieces of the movie that lasts 2 hours
I finally managed to see it again, like last week the alleged craft manifested itself in the same spot on Friday. After the past eight I went outside to check the shooting, I thought had captured the moment in which the object disappeared, but unfortunately it was not so.
PS watch it all, but in particular pay attention to minute 3:46, 4:45 where we see a light appear and desappear in the rear of the aircraft, and from 5:35 to 6:20, where instead we see the lights change color.
Author (Segnalidalcielo @youtube)

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  1. Although interesting without reference points we know very little of where it is in the sky if in fact it is in the sky. What he should have posted was a daytime shot of the same area so the viewer could see where exactly this lights were.<br />Joe<br />UFO Media Matters<br />Non-Commercial Blog

  2. I cannot make out a structure holding the lights.To see the lights move off would have been something.Have the original video analyzed and give us a follow up.

  3. Well this is a video of a small boath in the sea,wich you can see behind the three.Obviosly a sick prank.Where on this video is shown how the ufo is leavig the area,sorry my friends i sow few ufo s and this is not one!!!!!!

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