Interesting videos of UFO activity over Santiago, Chile 10&17-Dec-2010

Latest UFO sightings – Here you can watch two UFO videos recorded in Santiago, Chile on Friday, 10th & Friday 17th December 2010 + TV news (in spanish) about this sightings.

Let’s remember that both of  these sightings in Santiago happened exactly one year after this two: link 1 & link 2.

Friday, 10th December 2010

Friday, 17th December 2010

TV report (in spanish) about UFO sightings over Santiago, Chile this month

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  1. Very interesting footage (the Dec 17th video). . . Defiantly not of this world. They go from hovering in a group, to each taking off at a fairly high speed in the same direction. .one by one, and then they "vanish". . Sure makes you wonder. . .

  2. best video I seen this year and I have watched a lot . it will be an enormous wake up call for a lot of people when they find out that Reality is not what they made to believe ..soon

  3. Definitely of this world, unfortunately. It's the Chilean Air Force doing their annual December training maneuvers. There's plenty of information about it on the web.

  4. Are we going to see some interaction or are there people interacting with them already!!!<br /><br />All I wonder is that now we have seen thousands of these videos and they all seem real. Then why these UFO residents don&#39;t talk openly and enlighten us with the tech and other things. Are we not ready for it yet!!!!

  5. definitely airplanes. if you watch the &#39;link 1&#39; referenced just above the videos it&#39;s clear. the video&#39;s filmed from the same location in which you can make out the silhouette of the planes against the morning sky. they have lights on the nose cones and appear to hover as they approach the camera directly from the distance.

  6. I also read that there were Military Exercises going on that night (there are a few videos from 17th in Santiago). Could be that all we see is Aircraft. Not sure when that was reported, if it was released as disinformation or whatever, however…<br /><br />As stated above also, people do claim that this is an annual event and see the same formations each year in the skies above Santiago.

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