UFO: Bright object was seen and recorded flying across the sky over La Selva Beach, California 30-Nov-2010

Latest UFO sightings – This footage of huge bright object flying across the sky over La Selva Beach in California was recorded on 30th November 2010 around 8:30 pm.

Witness report: (Recorded in La Selva Beach California.11-30-10)
Two UFOs Pass Each Other Then The 2nd Craft Drops in Altitude and Acknowledges by Powering-Up Into a Beautiful Strobe as it Passes Over The Top of Me Then Climbs to a Much Higher Altitude and Disappears Into the Night Sky! This Craft Gave Me an Incredible Feeling & Experience That I’ll Never Forget! The craft came in from the north and slowly turned right and disappeared into the west about 8:30pm 11-30-10.
(TNS)”They’re Not Satellites”!!! Peace to all…………..
Author (sphericalwjr08800 @ youtube)

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  1. Actually, those are satellites. I sky watch w/ Gen 3 all the time, and have seen some amazing shit while doing so– but this isn&#39;t it. These things aren&#39;t even changing trajectory. Because they&#39;re satellites. <br /><br />T. A. S. They Are Satellites.<br /><br />Nnnnext.

  2. This is nothing more than a faint iridium flare from a satellite, appearing brighter with the help of night vision. Look it up on wiki to see an animated GIF and search YouTube for a really bright example of one.

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