UFO fleet was seen and recorded from plane on route Japan – UK Jan-2011

UFO video 2011 – This interesting footage of UFO fleet was shot from a jet liner window which was flying to UK from Japan, where this video was also taken. The exact date is unknown for now, but it was recorded in the beginning of this month – January 2011.

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  1. OH MY GOD!!<br />the same thing happened to us, i think it was in 2008 in Slovenia, minutes before we landed. the whole plane was shocked… one of the lights was bigger and it came right near the plane. we also heard the flight attendans talk about this after we landed, but it never came out in the media… i guess no one wanted to talk about this to news.

  2. Looks just like the many many small cities and towns Ive seen from the air on hundreds of flights….by the way..WHEN will you amateur &quot;filmmakers&quot; learn to hold the camera still and do a proper follow?

  3. FINALLY! No one can possibly say these are chinese lanterns, or anything else. Whatever they are – whether some secret human invention, or alien craft keeping an eye on all of us – THESE are definitely not chinese lanterns, or flares, or parachutists, or meteors or swamp gas. Great video – thanks so much for posting!!

  4. FINALLY!! No one can say these were chinese lanterns, flares, meteors, parachutists or anything else. Whether these orbs are man-made, or alien craft keeping an eye on all of us – they are undeniably keeping pace with an airplane. I&#39;d LOVE to hear what skeptics have to say about this one. Thanks for posting!!

  5. Skeptics? Where are you skeptics? Hmmm… These don&#39;t appear to be chinese lanterns, or meteors, or flares, or parachutists, or swamp gas, or a planet. I&#39;d love to hear someone&#39;s explanation for this video that doesn&#39;t think it&#39;s a group of ufos. That doesn&#39;t mean that they are piloted by aliens – they could totally be man made. But whatever they are – they are real

  6. How can you say they were nothing? Those lights in the beginning aren&#39;t at sea level, and they&#39;re in the same formation as other UFOs seen. I think filming the lights on the ground were to compare what was seen earlier in the video.

  7. At the beginning the sighting is ok, but the second part those lights belong to a city on the ground. I don´tknow if the person who filmed wanted to compare ufo´s lights and city´s lights. If you see the map the plane is over an island.

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