UFO TV : Roswell: The UFO UnCoverup – Feature Length Presentation

A little old but really interesting UFO documentary about the Roswell incident in 1947.

See actual UFO crash debris tested and found to be truly extraterrestrial. The Roswell UFO crash of 1947 and the ensuing military cover-up set the stage for this explosive documentary about America’s reaction to our planet’s encounter with ETs. Going beyond the question “Did it really happen?”, this program counters 60 years of Air Force denials and focuses on the more compelling aspects of this cosmic mystery: scientific evidence, physical proof, personal testimonies, expert analysis and the cosmic implication of an alien presence here on Earth. Includes: photos, videos, documents and an amazing arsenal of spellbinding interviews with researchers, eyewitnesses and the best-known, most credible UFO authorities in the world today.

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  1. I don't agree with all of it but there is a lot of good information given. We are definitely getting closer to a major change.

  2. David Adair is a total fricking nut job! <br />Has anyone here ever listened to his story?<br />His story is sooooooo unbelievable that nobody could possibly take him seriously.<br />See here and let me know your thoughts : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUoboH_v3V0<br />No wonder Dr Greer stopped him from taking part in the disclosure project.<br />He would have turned the proceedings into a

  3. Why should anyone trust anything about Roswell? There is no point believing in either the military perspective or the UFO community – Unless you were there standing on the spot and observing the situation with your own two eyes.<br /><br />Be critical.

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