Cigar-shaped UFO caught on webcam in Washington D.C. 14-Feb-2011

UFO pictures 2011 – This is a screenshot from a webcam located in Washington DC taken on Monday, 14th February 2011.
Author’s report: I have been fascinated by UFO’s most of my adult life and was watching a couple of Washington DC cams over the weekend and captured these objects from different cams.

I have no idea what they are and I am by no means stating that they are UFO’s but I know there is a No-Fly Zone over the White House and nearby areas and wondering if anyone knows what these objects could be.

Note: These cams are refreshed every 10 to 15 mins so they represent only a moment in time.
source: mufon

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  1. Um it's a picture…..could be anything, if there was video that it wasn't just some quick movement by a bug some light or so on I mean come on, I really dont take pictures of UFO's seriously just not enough to them and too much that could go wrong to explain…

  2. Well the fact that it's a no fly zone doesn't mean government aircraft can't cross it… I can't tell for sure what that thing is, but it's certainly not a bird… Oh, wait, maybe a Phoenix… Naah, still UFO, I think.

  3. As you know in 1561 there was a war over nuremburg Germany. It was between sphere balls of different colors. And cigar shaped crafts. I am sure you have seen the wooden carving made of it. You showed a picture of one of supposed 3 large mother ships behind pluto. Cigar shaped. Over the past few months we have had hoverings. All the same. Spheres. Now a picture of a sphere and a cigar over the

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