Daytime UFO footage recorded in San Nicola Manfredi, Italy 13-Jun-2010

Latest UFO sightings – Very interesting daytime UFO video of strange unknown lights hovering in the sky over San Nicola Manfredi in Benevento, Italy on 13th June 2010.

Video #1:

Video #2:

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  1. This is a balloon in my opinion just because it doesnt seem to move at all, and the light can be explained by the sun reflecting off of it along with whoever was holding the camera kept zooming in and out causing the lights to change….<br /><br />Just too much wrong with this.

  2. Why oh why is it ALWAYS that UFO&#39;s appear only to <br />people who don&#39;t know how to manually focus the damn image. I fell sick at my stomach just watching this shit.

  3. Granted that it&#39;s not the best quality video around, I still don&#39;t get why people rate it as &quot;fake&quot;… Please, care to explain? What is it? CGI, weather balloon with lights, bright flying cake???? Please enlighten us. Thank you!

  4. I have a question for those who say it&#39;s real…..WHY….did you just go and click its real because you believe every video or picture of a SHAPE in the sky is an alien ship? If voting real mean&#39;s it&#39;s a UFO then I believe they are all to be real but if voting real means that you&#39;re saying it&#39;s a real out of this world object then some of you are just clicking for fun. IE the

  5. I think this is a real UFO; look the mountains and this ufo hovering and moving very softly among them in the last part of video. It´s hard to film that shows this panoramic.Per los amicos di Italia cuesto sei un buono laburo di fimacione del disco volante. Tanti gracie e avanti investigando questo misterio que es tan affascinante y allo stesso tempo maraviglioso.Luis from Argentina.

  6. Kyle<br />I don&#39;t think this is a balloon because its completely stationary.<br />Balloons dont do that.<br />Plus its not reflecting light, it appears to be internally lit.

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