Have we been contacted by a UFO or extraterrestrial life?

On February 6, 2011, an anomalous signal was detected by a radio telescope. This telescope’s primary function is to search for extraterrestrial activity. There is a possibility that it may have found an alien life!

According to SETI, the origin of the signal is unknown. This was a strong signal and has certain features which are normally indicative of UFO activity. Part of the signal was detected from a GPS satellite.

Although the picture by itself may seem unexciting, it contains a wealth of information. Time labels the vertical axis of the plot; frequency marks the horizontal axis. Astronomers and SETI volunteers are analyzing the data to determine the source.

Radio telescopes are constantly picking up unidentified signals. There has not yet been a signal strong enough to determine its exact source. What makes this signal of particular interest is its frequency, 1420. The WOW signal detected in 1977 was also 1420 MHz. SETI astronomers tell us that hydrogen, the most common element in the universe, resonates at 1420 MHz. Researchers have felt that due to the availability of hydrogen in the cosmos, any extraterrestrial activity will likely transmit on this frequency; giving this signal a stronger likelihood of emanating from a UFO.

Check back often with us for updates! We’ll keep you informed as this exciting story in the ongoing search for UFOs and alien life unfolds. 

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  1. Not be that alien ships near the orbit of Pluto are transmitting on this frequency. Perhaps in 1977 the scientists did not realize there were ufos near our planet and were at this frequency, and now technological advances have identified the spacecrafts in vicinity of Pluto. ¿ What do you think?.

  2. once again, I have to wonder why this is not on the SETI website? if SETI is the source for this info, why can I not find it? (2nd post attempt)

  3. I second that. You'd think they'd mention it wouldn't you. I've been all over the SETI website, and there's not a peep

  4. i just hope our goverment is prepared to protect us all.. just incase whatever these things are hostile as a mother.. with these mutlaltions im hearing about doesnt sound to friendly

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