New video of triangle UFO in the sky over Göteborg, Sweden 12-Feb-2011

Latest UFO sightings – This triangle-shaped craft was seen and recorded on tape flying in the night sky over Goteborg (Göteborg) in Sweden on Saturday, 12th February 2011 around 7 pm.
Witness report: This was seen today around 7 pm, it is the same object in the whole video only from different angles since i had to run from around in my apartment in order to be able to follow it.

I removed the sound of this video because of the high pitch noise my camera was making..

It was seen flying near where they usually do in a suburb called Sävedalen which is only a few minutes away from Göteborg.

Wish i had a HD camera.. Well getting one as soon as i can afford it.
Author (CosmicStarTraveler @ youtube)

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  1. This video has similar characteristics as other in California. White light with blinking orangish reddish light next to it. But this video at the end shows object looks like it is coming low for a landing, just like an aircraft and with the blinking light it makes it more likely.<br /><br />Determination: EXPLAINABLE

  2. I wonder why the moderators of this site would ever bother to post videos of what are obviously conventional aircraft. Since when do these qualify as UFOs. The ignorance of the video maker is not a determining factor.<br /><br />Airplanes are not UFOs!

  3. lol UFO stands for unidentified flying object in this guys case he couldn&#39;t identify it so give him a break what he saw was a UFO. but yea it&#39;s an airplane.

  4. When it comes to UFOs, &#39;unidentified&#39; means they are unidentifiable within the context of current available knowledge at large, not just by some individual.<br /><br />An airplane is an airplane whether or not it is recognized as one.<br /><br />&#39;nuff said.

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