New footage of unknown light hovering in the sky over Phoenix, Arizona 7-Feb-2011

Latest UFO sightings – This is a new daytime video showing UFO with moon in background. It was recorded in Phoenix, Arizona on Monday, 7th February 2011.

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  1. This one for example looks real. But what is it? What makes me very suspicious is that the guy who filmed it said that he “telepathically wished for the UFO to move closer to the moon” and shortly after that his “wish” came true, as if the UFO was putting on a show just for him… He also said that he had always wanted to film a UFO during the day and with moon in the frame. True? Coincidence?

  2. I saw this too on that day… I was driving down Bell road, near the Ice Den., close to the 101 fwy. It was stationary, didn't move at all, and seemed to be over the South Mountain area. I stopped in a parking lot on a small hill to check it out for 5 minutes. I did think it was unusual at the time.

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