Video of 2 daytime UFOs over Hillsboro, Oregon 24-Feb-2011

UFO sightings 2011 – This two daytime UFOs were recorded flying across Hillsboro in Oregon on Thursday, 24th February 2011.
Witness report: I was outside with my daughter, have NO idea what these are.. they appear to be flying in sync and/or hovering.. No sound.. There was a plane that passed and didn’t hit them. What is it????
Author (apluper @ youtube)

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  1. What the heck!! What the Heck is she going on about??? i couldn't see F all, What in the heck fire was she looking at or talking about ??? Did anyone else see what miss Heckfire was looking at??

  2. For its movements this is a REAL UFO. It´s pity at the begining the person who films is shaking the camera and is just a litle dificult to whach the object but then almost at last the image is ok. Good video. Congratulations for to be at the accurate moment. Luis from Argentina.

  3. Great to find this. My girlfriend and i had a similar expirience about a month ago. We were star gazing near Hillsboro at around midnight. We had seen a couple of satilites. Then we saw two orbs like in the video traveling parallel from east to west. They were moving much slower than other satilites we had seen previously. Then one of the orbs dramatically increased in size, looking like a

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