Lost Tapes: Reptilians

Lost Tapes: Reptilians
Animal Planet

Aztec legends speak of an alien race that resemble upright standing reptiles. These reptilians are said to be bent on world domination and to live deep beneath the epicenters of our society.

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  1. May be we should not have any contact with ALIENS ALIENSssssss… OMG!<br /><br />You are a brain washing lizard Man who is trying to instill fear in Women primarily. Cuz we are weaker then ALIENS…. <br /><br />Note PLanet Earth will not be owned by any one.. It is not to be bought and sold like a slave/women man or child. <br />We do not live on a War Planet any more. WAKE UP!

  2. This is paranoid fantasy. The Egyptians had an entire zoo of walking talking entities and that didn&#39;t make them real. The fact that something is possible doesn&#39;t make it probable. And of course, you can use &quot;other dimensions&quot; to explain away anything. The same goes for pixie dust…

  3. They gave us religeon to control us as they also control us with fear and with money they were here before the bible and all other religeons they control world events give you enought to worry about so you dont see the bigger picture wake up there is no freedom they just make you beleive that there is who ever they are nordics,greys they control us already with world events they create the

  4. If they exist…I don,t know, but I know there is something or someone outthere. the masonic magic rituals praising lucifer…show us a world controled by them preparing it to the lucifer kingdom return (it was destroyd by Jesus)<br />On other hand…we have the clay tablets showing us alien life who built structures on the moon ,marsand other places.<br />there has to be a link between these

  5. the nazi philosophy, that we are from another planet, is the annunaki story.<br />before Jesus came, all planet was pagan, except the jews, but even a part of them was no longer jew, the practiced the cabalah(witchcraft).<br />all religions on that time were pagan, meaning satanic,luceferian,mistery religion, whatever.<br /> Jesus came to end that and save us.

  6. there are so many lies,delusion, and false truths,made for confuse us, that we will never have all the truth. But we can perceive some basic truth,knowin thnast lucifer promess to masons and mankind is turn every man in a GOD.that is why masons,naziz,witches,etc, work so much to worl goverment,when ready, lucifers son (false messiah)will rull the planet,and turn their children into gods, just

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